Health Benefits of COCONUT FLOUR


Published in TotalHealth Magazine Online December 2019 This part of the series is especially close to my heart and health because after years of practicing what I teach and counseling patients in maintaining a healthy blood sugar through diet, and natural supplements when necessary, I became a trauma-induced diabetic. I was having some small moles […]

Issue 8.30.19 Health Benefits of Coconut Flour – 2 of 3 in a Series

Continuing my series on the benefits of this super healthy food, it’s important to understand that we’re not simply touting its health-enhancing benefits to replace conventional flours (wheat, corn and flours containing high carbohydrate content and gluten), but also because of its inherent nutrients, listed below:  What Health Nutrients/Benefits are in Coconut Flour? Minerals: Coconut […]

Issue 8.16.19 Benefits of Coconut Flour – 1 of 3

Those of you that haven’t cooked or baked with healthy alternative flours are often intimidated because they do respond and cook differently. We, at our Cooking Institute, did all the testing for you to bring you easy-to-cook delicious variations of your favorite food that uses conventional wheat flours that convert to sugar, feed yeast, play […]

Issue 8.2.19 BioHacking – What is it…AND…Why is it Important?

BioHacking, a new scientific term, is the next frontier in healthcare – it’s all about getting to intimately know your body, and its “body talk” and take responsibility for its health – not blindly giving over its maintenance and wellness to someone else. What I’m referring to is your intestinal microbiome—the powerful, bacterial world we […]