By request, we are preparing our PRE-holiday DETOX TeleSeminar AND POST-holiday, CLICK the attached link below for details.

For over ten years I’ve offered DETOX TeleSeminars three times a year. Patients, Clients, Students and Followers are requesting one before and after the year-end holidays to prepare their body for the onslaught of those high sugar – carb – fat laden-ed meals that we all enjoy, however, in the process  sabotage our health if we don’t reduce the body’s overall toxic load BEFORE and AFTER those celebratory events.

DETOX TeleSeminar by Dr. Gloria Gilbere

To let us know you’re interested, please drop a quick email to: and in the SUBJECT box simply put: I’M INTERESTED; emails will not be replied to until registration begins with full details if you decide to take charge of your health and join us.

NOTE: There is NO OBLIGATION, simply let us know if you’re interested!