BioHacking, a new scientific term, is the next frontier in healthcare – it’s all about getting to intimately know your body, and its “body talk” and take responsibility for its health – not blindly giving over its maintenance and wellness to someone else.

What I’m referring to is your intestinal microbiome—the powerful, bacterial world we can’t see—and it deeply impacts your overall health, including inflammatory disorders.

According to Sarah Gupta, MD, the senior medical liaison for uBiome, at a recent panel on biohacking the microbiome hosted by Parsley Health in San Francisco, “There have been many studies within the last three to five years linking changes in your intestinal microbiome with all kinds of disorders, some of which would have gotten you laughed out of a medical conference 20 years ago. For example, the connection between the intestinal microbiome, Parkinson’s disease, ADD/ADHD, etc.” The discussions took a deep dive into why understanding our microbiomes is so vital, and what’s coming next in research, I’ve summarized some of the discussions below. CLICK the LINK to read the entire article: BioHacking – What is it AND Why is it Important?