Issue 8.2.19 BioHacking – What is it…AND…Why is it Important?

BioHacking, a new scientific term, is the next frontier in healthcare – it’s all about getting to intimately know your body, and its “body talk” and take responsibility for its health – not blindly giving over its maintenance and wellness to someone else. What I’m referring to is your intestinal microbiome—the powerful, bacterial world we […]

Issue 7.19.19 Chronic Fatigue & Inflammation – The Connection

When chronic inflammation occurs, we often believe that it’s only the isolated area where we feel discomfort that is affected – NOT SO! Chronic fatigue of any type can be linked to inflammation and if the pain signals cross the blood-brain barrier – one more reason to understand what ignites inflammation or accelerates an existing […]

Issue 7.3.19 Inflamm…aging

‘Inflammaging’ refers to the chronic, low-grade inflammation that characterizes aging – Inflammaging is macrophage centered, involves several tissues and organs, including the gut microbiota, and is characterized by a complex balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory responses. CLICK on the LINK to read the entire article: Inflamm…aging