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Launching a new magazine is a monumental task – one which, in this case, is long over-due. I would not have taken on this challenge if it wasn’t for the support and dedication of my “team” who is as passionate about sharing the causes, effects and natural solutions to what I call the Invisible Illnesses that include, but are not limited to, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Allergic Responses, Digestive Disorders and allthe Related Illnesses.

Having been educated and working in dentistry for 11 years and then as a doctor of natural health nearly 30 years, author of over 1,700 natural health articles and 18 books, the vast knowledge and clinical experiences gained are not treasures to protect and lock in a vault, they must be shared for the benefit of anyone who chooses to expand their knowledge to take control of their health, which is taking back your power!

I owned and practiced in two natural health clinics for 21 years and more recently transitioned to a mostly virtual practice, although I continue to see clients in Gig Harbor, WA. Technology connected the world – making it possible for me to consult via telephone and Skype currently in 19 countries with thousands worldwide. Counseling so many with diverse health challenges and disorders places me in a unique position to provide research, clinical case reports, and information regarding emerging and re-emerging health modalities that aren’t always readily available to the broader audience.  This publication was created to particularly address those with chronic disorders that include those previously listed. Daily I’m challenged, as are my clients and readers, with misconceptions, misdiagnoses, mistreatment, overmedication, and most of all, lack of validation AND compassion for those affected that their “Invisible” symptoms and syndromes ARE REAL!

When asked why our conventional physicians don’t warn us about the possible side-effects of the drugs they prescribe for symptom-care, integrative medical physician, Dr. Hyla Cass describes it best, “Most office visits are short, time is limited, and the truth is many doctors have very little, if any, knowledge about nutrition and the importance of detoxification and how it affects your overall health and well-being.” In addition, most doctors are not educated or experienced in the toxic side-effects of most drugs and cannot guide their patients to a healthy and effective way to reduce the body’s overall toxic burden when they are essential…which is necessary in order to begin whole body rejuvenation to regain wellness and quality of life. All you have to do is listen to, or read, the side-effects and disclaimers in advertising prescription drugs…talk about arrogance…a sales pitch to get you to take a substance they KNOW is often worse than the disorder its meant to treat…yet…let us not lose sight of the fact that it doesn’t matter because it adds to their overall profit and that appears to be the bottom line, period!

Prescription drugs usually rob you of the very vitamins and minerals your body requires in order to achieve homeostasis* (health-enhancing balance) to overcome your current health disorders. According to recent reports Americans are taking prescription drugs in exponentially increasing numbers – over half of sixty-five-year-olds take three to seven prescription drugs daily. The amount of money spent on these drugs is shocking – nearly $200 billion in 2004 and $400 billion in 2013. Are we healthier because of it? Absolutely NOT. We are now in an epidemic of “invisible illnesses” that I call “toxicity syndromes” including Fibromyalgia and the related disorders that slowly and insidiously erode our health at a huge expense – quality of life.


This magazine was birthed to provide as much natural health information as our team can “uncover” in order to provide you with choices to take back control of your health by learning about healthy options available and why they’re beneficial.

*Homeostasis – A process that maintains the stability of the human body’s internal environment in response to changes in external conditions.

We strive to provide our readers with the following, but not limited to, information regarding…

How drugs interfere with your ability to absorb and use vital nutrients and how imbalances sabotage ability to restore a healthy balance in order to achieve wholistic rejuvenation;
Which nutritional supplements and foods safeguard against nutrient depletion and their consequences;                      
What nutrient depletion, side-effects and toxicity syndromes you can expect with prescribed drugs and how to detox from them.
How specific dietary changes, nutritional and nutraceutical supplements help you take control your health disorder by resolving underlying causes;
Why it’s important to support your wellness plan with the appropriate exercises, environmental controls, and other self-care basics;
Health care information about new, re-emerging and ancient modalities that are safe, effective and used in many countries around the world yet little-known or practiced in the U.S.;
Healthy recipes that do not include ingredients known to accelerate inflammation, and education as to why specific ingredients must be avoided in order to eliminate inflammation and allergic response syndromes;
How what happens in your mouth happens in your body and how to be an educated patient when you see your dentist and/or hygienist;
How to ask for special accommodations’ for food, lodging and travel that allow you to continue living rather than avoiding situations from lack of knowing how and what to request and what to avoid.

If you, like our entire team of wholistic health professionals, are tired of symptom-care that becomes drug-management and serves to add to the toxicity syndromes that are most likely at the foundation of your health maladies, our team is committed to providing you safe options, Naturally.


Your Partner in Health,

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