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Professional Testimonials

Parent Category: Dr. Gloria

        "After personally consulting with Dr. Gilbere and studying her books carefully, I can honestly testify her books belong in the library of every person with pain, inflammation and immune system disorders. Dr. Gilbère is a doctor's doctor; she's my doctor. When I consulted a local internist about my invisible illness year ago, he told me flat out, "I can't help you." He didn't even know how, or where to refer me. Many of the large, well-known medical centers don't even recognize the existence of the invisible illnesses or chemically-induced immune system disorders that Dr. Gilbère has personally recovered from, written about, and helped others design their natural path to overcome these same disorders."

                                -- David Hall, M.D., Dean Emeritus, World Health Medical School

Parent Category: Dr. Gloria

"For over eleven years Dr. Gilbere, now a senior editor, has been an invaluable asset to the readers of Total Health Magazine. Her dynamic energy and commitment to guide others to health, particularly those being poisoned by their own bodies who become allergic to everything, enables thousands of individuals to bring their health into homeostasis each year." -- Lyle Hurd, Publisher, Total Health Magazine


Parent Category: Dr. Gloria

        "Conventional medical approaches will continue to take a scientific approach in therapy, with the recommendations of medication to 'counter' the symptoms. One cannot fault medical professionals; they are prescribing what they have learnt. Individuals can make their own choices on how to address a problem; what is necessary, though, is to be in a position to make a prudent decision by learning about the various approaches available…Dr. Gilbere's books do just that."

        "Very few books are written on the subjects of chemically-induced immune system disorders with a personal and professional perspective. Dr. Gilbère has taken a bold step in providing a sound outline regarding disorders of such great relevance in our toxic times. I believe her books are invaluable assets to not only the affected individuals, but also every medical practitioner, both traditional and modern, to help them appreciate some of the rarely addressed medical issues facing healthcare in our industrialized world today."

                                -- Dr. Sylvester Yong, M.D., M.B.B.S., M.R.C.P.
                                   Member -- Royal College of Physicians (UK)
                                   President -- Holistic Health Society, Singapore

Parent Category: Dr. Gloria

        "The information in Dr. Gilbere's book,I was Poisoned by my body, is valuable to gastroenterologist, family practice, and internal medicine physicians treating patients with multiple allergies and digestive disorders."

                                                      -Christopher Sturbaum, M.D.

Parent Category: Dr. Gloria

        "The most inspirational and effective teachers and health professionals are those who speak from experience. Dr. Gilbere is a dynamic guiding light precisely because she, herself, has teetered on the precipice between life and death. Her exuberant energy, radiant health, and passion for holistic health solutions endow her with the rare qualities of a truly wise and compassionate healer and teacher."

                                 -Sherrill Sellman, Ph.D.