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Detox Testimonials

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Hi Gloria, 

I am so grateful for Dr. Gloria and her Rejuvenation Detox program – it’s amazing how much help and support she provides via telephone. During my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight, experienced inflammation and water retention. After my pregnancy no matter what I did, diet or exercise, it wouldn’t go away and I was in constant pain. I would leave other doctor offices in tears because they wouldn’t listen to what I was trying to tell them. 3 years of this I finally met Dr. Gloria and was introduced to her Rejuvenation Detox program. Following the program and following Dr. Gloria’s individualized guidance almost immediately my inflammation and water retention was significantly improved.  Within a few weeks I was already down in weight, my energy level was high, pain was manageable and I was no longer falling asleep during the day.  With this newfound energy and the feeling my body was finally on a healing path I have the ability to exercise more efficiently so I continue to loose weight and get healthier.  Any questions or concerns I have Dr.Gloria is able to answer them and the results have been fantastic. Dr. G is not only a doctor of natural health and a great nutritional counselor, she’s a recovered victim of fibromyalgia and the illnesses that accompany it – she ‘gets’ it!"  


Thanks! Ali