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Special Offer  laboratory hair analysis included for every new client thru March 30th. $149 value


Dr. Gloria is globally renowned for identifying the causes, effects and non-drug solutions for chemically-induced immune system and inflammatory disorders, multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes and resolving disorders that defy conventional diagnosis and treatment.

New Health Blog Launched

Our NEW Health Detective Subscription Blog is active!

After many months in the programming, my new blog is ready and subscribers are commenting about how much information they receive for their .33 cent per day investment in their Health thru Education.

For over eleven years, all my research, articles and TeleSeminars were accessible at no charge. With the expansion of our programs and the rising costs of maintaining the site, it is impossible to continue at no charge. The investment of .33 cents per day for a subscription covers the cost of the software, programming and website maintenance - we, at The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, hope that you value your health enough to continue to learn about how to stay healthy in a toxic world.

We've made major changes to the way we deliver information to subscribers. Many of you asked for audio articles because you can't spend much time at a computer for various health reasons - we've done it. You asked for TeleSeminars to be available on an mp3 so you can access at your convenience rather than call in at specified times - we did it. You asked for downloadable educational material fliers and eBooks - we've done it. As Premium Subscribers, if you'd like to see other material presented, you can drop us an email and we'll do our best to fill that need.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued support of my Health thru Education programs.

Your Partner in Health,

Dr. Gloria - Your Health Detective

Books by Dr. Gloria Gilbere

Pain / Inflammation Matters eBook
Rejuvenation Detox E-book
Migraines & Headaches E-Book
Don't be BLIND to degenerative eye diseases E-book Edition
Your Thyroid E-book
I Was Poisoned By My Body
Are Your Infant and Children Being Poisoned?
Chemical Cuisine

Other Health Books Recommended by Dr. Gloria

  • Coffee Dialysis - The Supreme Detoxification

    by Mark Buse, BSc, CT, CWR


  • Body Talk Never Lies...

    by Natalie K.Y. Davis, CMT., DC Ed. for details


  • Beyond PB & J

    by Larisa Gruer, RND, PhD


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Best Selling Dental Health Book

Connect Oral Health & Overall Health and the implications of dangerous dentistry and bacterial infections that can pose serious threat to overall health.


Testimonials - Lives Transformed

Lives transformed through Wholistic Rejuvenation.  Read the real life stories of patients who have changed their lives with Dr. Gloria's help


Post Graduate Certification Courses

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Student Events & Classes

  • 2015 WSBR Course Brochure +

    For those of you interested in post-graduate education or simply Read More
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Listen: Radio Shows with Dr. Gloria

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Dr. Gloria FOX News Interview w/Carol Alt

Dr. Gloria interviewed as an expert in identifying foods that "ignite" inflammation. to watch the video clip, 


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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Dr. G has been using this non-invasive method in her practice for over 30 years. After many requests, she's compiled a kit you can order from our store. We’ll mail out everything you need to cut your sample and return to us for submission to the lab.


The Health Detective Blog

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Teleclasses & Teleseminars

  • FREE TeleSeminar "Healing Power of Essential Oils" - Guest: Elizabeth Bloom, DHM, D.I. Hom. +

    Guest: Elizabeth Bloom, DHM, D.I. Hom. Topic: The Healing Power of Therapeutic Essential Oils For more than 30 years, Elizabeth, a doctor of Read More
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Upcoming Events

  • Oct 3, 2015 Gig Harbor, WA - 1st Int'l SUMMIT "Invisible Illnesses SOLVED" +

    After many requests for an all-day Summit with top world-respected natural health professionals, it's a reality. The 1st Summit dedicated to "Invisible Illness" Read More
  • June 20, 2015 - Huntsville, AL - One Day Summit "Invisible Illnesses SOLVED" +

      This event is being hosted by Dana Sims, Plant-Based Nutritional Counselor, Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist, Founder/CEO - Head2Toe Change Sponsored by: The Institute for Read More
  • April, 2016 Charleston, SC - 2nd Int'l SUMMIT - "Invisible Illnesses SOLVED" +

    Arrangements are in final stages for a one-day SUMMIT in historic Charleston, SC, hosted by C.J. Powell (Wholistic Rejuvenist) CEO of Wellness Wins, LLC. Stay Read More
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