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 I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in September 2004 and it wasn't until six years later that I realized how much I was going downhill.  I have been going to a rheumatologist since 2004 and was never really made aware of how serious my illness is or the consequences of the prescribed drugs;   I never really bothered to even read up on the dangers of the medications I took until I consulted with Dr. Gilbere in October 2010.

      Dr. G is such a great and knowledgeable health professional and has so much compassion for her clients, since she has been down that road herself.  When I went to my rheumatologist's appt. in September 2010 I told her I was having breathing problems; a problem I had been having the past year and it wasn't getting any better.  The rheumatologist started talking about getting me a cardiologist, a pulmonary specialist, a gastroenterologist and who knows how many other specialists she recommended.  I just went into shock and reality sunk in...this illness is very, very serious.  Of course, I started getting depressed and started telling my family about my visit with my doctor and I practically started telling my family that I wasn't going to be around much longer because of my illness. I told my nephew about my illness and he told me about how Dr. Gilbere helped his wife with an illness that no other doctor could help her with;  I now owe them my life for referring me to Dr. G; after consulting with her my life changed for the better. 

After following her dietary and lifestyle modifications and recommendations, I feel better than I have in years.  My blood work has greatly improved the past six months and my physician visits have also been great.  My rheumatologist was almost speechless during my last visit, after she told me about my blood work and after examining me.  My fingers weren't tight and swollen like they had always been. I really didn't have any complaints during my visit and that is rare because I always had a new complaint during every time I consulted with her.

            I would like to thank Dr. G for the great work she does and I don't know what I would do without her.  She is awesome!!  She is my angel sent from heaven!  Keep up the good work Dr. G.
Alicia Barrientes

Dallas, Texas

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If you’re tired of the barrage of health experts and their bewilderingly complex ever-changing advice for symptom-care, Chemical Cuisine: Do you REALLY know what you’re eating? will become your ‘go to’ book for eating healthy, getting and staying well.

            Chemical Cuisine is a compelling book designed for use in our busy lives; offering easy-to-read label-reading advice to assist the consumer and patient to know exactly what they’re consuming and provide safe healthy options.

            Taking care of your health is the mainstay of Dr. Gilbère’s mantra of Health thru Education – providing information that many times points to causes of your disorders that you may never have connected to legally hidden ingredients with tongue-twisting aliases for chemicals that we know are health depleting.

            Dr. Gilbère’s extensive experience and research provides us a clear message of how we must take charge of our own health – it’s a prescription worth filling!  Going beyond ‘quick fixes’ takes courage and discipline on your part; this book is packed with tools to virtually bring health and quality of life back into your life and that of your family.

                                    – Russell Kolbo, D.C., N.D.,         

President Emeritus, Int’l Association for  Colon Hydrotherapy

                        Professor, Bastyr University

 Co-Director, Mt. Rainier Clinic for Wholistic Rejuvenation, Gig Harbor, WA

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Book Review

Chemical Cuisine is a sobering study of the non-food additives in our most common foods, the ones that are supposed to be good for us. If you are the least bit interested in the quality of what you eat, and what you feed your family, then this book is a must in your kitchen library.

Infused with Gilbère’s eclectic personality from the first page, Chemical Cuisine is an easy read full of uneasy truths about the additives in our foods, who put them there, how long they have been doing it, and who is helping them. This book deals with everything from the dangers of processed soy, aspartame and bromines, to nitrites, genetically-modified seeds and foods, to the chemical cocktails used to wash our fruits and vegetables. She also gives the read some insight into the modern meat industry in the United States.

Chemical Cuisine: Do you REALLY know what you’re eating? is the question Gloria Gilbère poses on the cover of her new book. In this day and age it is difficult to just pick up a snack and know that it is ether good, or bad, for us. It used to be easy to just pick an apple from the local grocers and know you were feeding your body well. Not so today. Modern food production in the U.S. has taken a turn for the worse and Gilbère takes this industry on full force in her new book.

Gilbère touches on food-related allergies, obesity issues as related to harmful food additives, and other food sensitivities. In the vein of Omnivore’s Dilemma, Gilbère brings humor and awareness to a difficult subject that in the end forces the reader to come to grips with the basic issues of how to eat for the health of themselves and that of their families. How to get off the merry-go-round of unhealthy eating choices and learn to choose more wisely at the grocery store, or when to leave the store out of your food planning all together.

The author does not leave us empty handed and lost in the endless maze of healthful food choices, but rather gives us tools such as understanding which fruits and vegetables have the most concentrations of additives and which have less. She points out the incredible value of the local Farmer’s Markets where excellent, fresh food choices can now be found in abundance, as the push back against food additives gains traction among informed consumers. Gilbère also exposes the role of the FDA in our food production chain and how it is that Monsanto is able to continue experiments with our food, aided by the U.S. Government, without our knowledge.

Chemical Cuisine is an authentic "health bible" for consumers... and a label-reading guide you won’t want to be without.

Reviewed by the Country Coop Newspaper

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Praise for Chemical Cuisine

Dr. Gloria Gilbere's new book, Chemical Cuisine is a one-stop compendium for all that you MUST know to help you safely negotiate a world filled with toxic food and chemicals.

– Sherrill Sellman, N.D.

Author of Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know About Their Hormones What Women MUST Know To Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer Salba:The Return of the Ancient Seed

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Dear Dr. G:


YOUR BOOK, Chemical Cuisine, is AMAZING - smart, informative and I am just in awe of you! ! !


I really thought I knew alot about preservatives, chemicals and how to eat healthy - you take it to a whole new level, really spelling it out for all of us.

You are an exceptional doctor and health detective and I am so blessed to be a client of yours and recipient of your vast expertise and guidance. We, your clients, are so blessed to have you paving a safe road for us on our journey back to health.


Jennifer M.

New York